PlayPath is an outdoor play area currently being developed for the Rural Outreach Center in East Aurora, New York by Kenny Arnold Design and will be open to the general public later this year.

PlayPath is being co-designed with children from the local community to give them a sense of agency over their play area and an opportunity to define what ‘play’ means to them.

Rendering of a Play Path concept


PlayPath is a collaboration between experienced design professionals and youth from the local community. Through our workshops, participants engage in drawing, making, writing and performance to learn about the creative process and transform their ideas into games, play equipment, and sculptural pieces. 


We believe children should have a say in the design of their play area and  that each of them can offer a valuable perspective. Our aim is to provide youth with an inclusive opportunity to learn about design, practice collaboration and gain creative confidence through play.

We are also committed to incorporating sustainable design principles by sourcing locally available and repurposed materials where possible.


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